Steak Bites 11 3/4

Signature steak spice, arugula, ranchero yogurt.

Panang Curry Mussels 16

A pound of mussels in a spicy panang ginger curry. (Also available in a white wine cream sauce.)
only $10 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

Baked Cauliflower 9

House marinated cauliflower baked with parmesan & fresh dill.
only $7 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

Mini Cheeseburgers 13

Charbroiled patties, aged cheddar, caramalized onions, pickels & signature sauce.
only $10 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

Poutine 9

Skinny fries topped with cheese curds, gluten free gravy & fresh parmesan.
only $7 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

Double dip yam fries 8 3/4

Honey Mustard & garlic aioli dips.

Potato Cheddar Perogies 11 1/2

Bacon, drunken onion, scallions, sour cream.
only $9 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

Blackjack Strips 12

Blackened chicken strips with ranchero yogurt.

Panko chicken strips 11 3/4

Hand breaded & served with honey mustard or plum dip.

Italian Meatballs 12

Roasted grape tomato sauce, fresh basil, shaved parmesan. Garlic toast.

Dry Garlic Ribs 11 1/2

Korean BBQ marinade & spices.
only $8 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

Meat & cheese board 16

Assorted cheeses, cured meats, nuts, pickles,grainy mustard, arugula, strawberries, red pepper jelly & artisan crackers.
only $12 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

asian lettuce wraps 15 1/2

Wok chicken, szechuan, hoisin, ginger, sesame seeds, carrot, sweet peppers, crispy farkay noodle, toasted cashews. Head lettuce.

Cabo wabo tacos 13

Pulled short rib, melted cheddar, avocado, corn, black beans, salsa & habanero slaw.

Calamari 13

Tempura banana peppers & jalapenos with red onion, fresh dill & tzatziki.

panko shrimp 11 1/2

With sweet chili dip.
only $7 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

Wings & drumettes 13

Hot, mango habanero, cajun, teriyaki honey garlic or salt & pepper. Celery & blue cheese dip.
only $8 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

maui tuna poke 13 1/2

Ahi tuna, macadamia, avocado, jalapeno, ginger soy, sesame seed, onion & wasabi aioli on wonton crisps.
only $10 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

Jacked up skins 12 1/2

Fried russets, cheese & smoked bacon baked on a cast iron skillet. Topped with scallions & served with ranchero yogurt dip.
only $9 from 3-6 everyday (dine-in only)

Cajun Chicken Quesadillas 14

Cajun chicken, roasted corn, cheese, black beans, banana peppers & scallions in flour tortillas with salsa & sour cream.


Salad Add-Ons: Quinoa 5 | Toasted Cashews 5 Candied Pecans5 | Chicken Breast 5 | Garlic Prawns 5
6oz Steak
9 | 6oz Salmon 8

Tomato soup cup 5 – bowl 8

Mom’s recipe, creme fraiche & homemade coutons.

Grilled chicken Caesar 16

Grilled chicken, roasted garlic caesar dressing, croutons, parmesan cheese.

Strawberry Fields 17 3/4

Panko breaded chicken breast, crisp greens, strawberries, avocado, candied pecans, goat cheese, red onions & poppy seed vinaigrette.

Wicked Tuna 18

Cubed ahi tuna, seasonal greens, avocado, scallions, crispy wontons, pineapple, jalapeño, macadamia nut, onion, sesame ginger dressing & wasabi cucumber drizzle.

The Ranchero 17 1/2

Blackened chicken, seasonal greens, sweet peppers, salsa, red onion, roasted corn, black beans, cheese, corn tortilla, avocado & ranchero yogurt.

Quinoa Salad 17 1/2

Grilled chicken, quinoa, seasonal greens, snap peas, avocado, grape tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, feta & apple cider vinaigrette.

Boss Plates

Mediterranean Chicken 23

Breasts of chicken marinated in Greek spiced then grilled. Served over quinoa & vegetables. With tzatziki & warm naan bread.

Coastal Salmon 25

Wild Sockeye filet simply seared with garlic, shallots & fresh dill. Served with quinoa, snap peas & seasonal vegetables. With cucumber yogurt.

certified angus beef sirloin 6(oz) sirloin 23 – 8(oz) Sirloin 27

Grilled with garlic butter & signature steak spices. With seasonal vegetable, crispy onion straw & white cheddar mashed potato. Add garlic prawns 5

New Orleans Combo Skillet 6(oz) sirloin 29 – 8(oz) Sirloin 33

Certified Angus Beef® sirloin, scallops, prawns, cajun cream, scallions, hot sauce & seared vegetables served over white cheddar mashed potato.

Fajitas Grande Veg 20 – Chicken (8oz) 25 – Steak (8oz) 30

With peppers, onions, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, cheese & flour tortillas.

Big Bowls

Kung Pao 15

Farkay noodle, peanuts, asian vegetables, cilantro, coconut peanut sauce. You choose how many hunan peppers.
Add chicken or prawns 5

Thai Buddha Bowl 15 1/2

Spicy panang curry, carrot, chick peas, cauliflower, cashews, red onion, garlic, sweet peppers, snap peas, tomato, creme fraiche, fresh basil, cilantro & rice with grilled naan. You choose how many hunan peppers.
Add chicken or prawns 5

Samurai Bowl 16 1/2

Teriyaki chicken, rice, sweet peppers, snap peas, bok choy, broccoli, braised cabbage, onion, carrot, sesame seeds & spicy yogurt.

prawn & chorizo Jambalaya 16 1/2

with rice, bacon, black beans, corn, creole sauce, spicy yogurt. Garlic toast.

chicken fried rice16 1/2

Wok seared BBQ chicken, bacon, snap peas, carrot, celery, rice & egg sauteed with soy sauce. Garnished with green onions.

Shanghai Stirfry 15

Udon noodles, sesame oil, cashews, roasted sesame seeds, garlic, celery, broccoli, bell peppers, snap peas, onions & bok choy. You choose how many hunan peppers.
Add chicken or prawns 5


Blackened Four Cheese Penne 18 1/2

4 cheese sauce, bacon, scallions & a blackened chicken breast. Garlic toast.

Cajun Chicken Linguini 18

Mushrooms, sweet peppers, cajun creamed alfredo, parmesan & scallions. Garlic toast.

Italian Meatball Linguini 18

Hand-rolled meatballs, grape tomato sauce, fresh basil, shaved parmesan. Garlic toast.


Sundays & Mondays $5 off (Dine-in Only)

Sammy’s House 16 1/2

Chorizo, genoa salami, bacon, red onion, fresh jalapeño, mozzarella & feta.

Blackened BBq Chicken 16 1/2

Blackened chicken, honey bourbon BBQ sauce, drunken onions, cheddar, red onion, cilantro & parmesan.

Italian Classic 16 1/2

Genoa salami, prosciutto, roasted garlic, red onion, mozzarella, tomato sauce & shaved parmesan.

sub gluten free crust on any pizza $2


Served with fries, tomato soup or salad. Sub tater tots or yam fries $2 Sub veggie patty on any burger or sandwich, no charge.

Back Yard Burger 14 3/4

Dad’s patty recipe. Lettuce, tomato, pickles & signature sauce. Served on toasted brioche bun.
Add bacon or sauteed mushrooms $2 – cheese $1

Canadian Burger 16 3/4

Beef patty, aged cheddar, bacon, mustard, lettuce, red onion & tomato on a toasted brioch bun.

The Boss Burger 19

Beef patty, braised shortrib, crispy onions, drunken onions, aged cheddar, horseradish dijon mayo, signature sauce & arugula.

Spicy Sriracha Chicken Wrap 16 1/2

Crispy chicken, jalapeno jack, sriracha ranch, fresh jalapenos, tomato & habanero slaw in a flour tortilla.

Cajun BBQ chicken club 16 1/2

Blackened breast, BBQ sauce, cheddar, bacon, lettuce, red onion, tomato & mayo on ciabatta.

Steak Sandwich 19

6oz Certified Angus Beef® with crispy onion & arugula served open face on toasted garlic bread.

Apple Mango Chicken 16 1/2

Grilled chicken, brie, havarti, apple mango jam, garlic aioli & spinach pressed between 7 grain bread.

california chicken sandwich 16 1/2

Grilled chicken breast, jalapeno jack, bacon, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, salsa & mayo on lightly toasted 7 grain bread.

Short Rib Beef Dip 17 1/2

Toasted ciabatta, double-braised short rib, horseradish dijon mayo & au jus dip.

Greek Gyro 16 1/2

Grilled marinated chicken, tzatziki, lettuce, cucumber, kalamata olive, tomato, red onion & feta cheese in warm naan bread.

Crispy Fish Tacos 16

Battered cod, habanero cilantro slaw, salsa, tarter sauce & ranchero yogurt drizzle on flour tortillas.


Sockeye Salmon Burger 18 1/2

6oz pan seared filet with fresh dill, garlic, pepper, course salt & lemon. Served on a toasted brioche bun with arugula, habanero cilantro slaw, creme fraiche & tomato.



Dark chocolate & peanut butter mousse full of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


Traditional rich & creamy cheesecake topped with strawberry compote & whipped cream.


Warm chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream topped with real whipped cream & chocolate sauce.